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China Announced Elevation of 19 Well-known Mountains
  Publish Date: 2007-05-19    Navigation Site root>> English/News Broadcast

    Approved and authorized by the State Council, the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping and the Ministry of Construction jointly announced elevation of the first group of 19 well-known mountains in China on April 27. The detailed data is listed as the followings: Tai Mountain 1532.7m, Hua Mountain 2154.9m, Heng Mountain in Hunan Province 1300.2m, Heng Mountain in Shanxi Province 2016.1m, Song Mountain 1491.7m, Wutai Mountain 3061.1m, Yuntai Mountain 624.4m, Putuo Mountain 286.3m, Yandang Mountain 1108.0m, Yellow Mountain 1864.8m, Jiuhua Mountain 1344.4m, Lu Mountain 1473.4m, Jinggang Mountain 1597.6m, Sanqing Mountain 1819.9m, Longhu Mountain 247.4m, Lao Mountain 1132.7m, Wudang Mountain 1612.1m, Qingcheng Mountain 1230.0m, and Emei Mountain 3079.3m.


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